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Beef Short Ribs - Korean (Flanken) Cut
  • Korean Short Ribs are a great cut because they give you the option for a quick dinner or an all day recipe. The traditional short rib section is cut across the bone to give you thin strips of steak interlaced with rich fat and marrow-filled bones.These are also called “flanken-style” ribs.

    Each package comes with (4) 1/2" thick pieces, and each slice weighs approximately 0.5 - 0.75 lbs. 


    Beef Short Ribs - Korean (Flanken) Cut

    SKU: 671253175371
    • 5N Pastures beef is raised on pasture and finished on pasture with minimal grain supplemented to add marbling and flavor.  As always, our proteins never have any added hormones or antibiotics. Vacuum sealed for freshness.

      5N beef is harvested at 2 years of age or younger, creating more tender and flavorful cuts.



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