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Meet the Nix Family


Nathan Nix

Nathan’s love for agriculture began as a young boy, helping his parents and grandmother on their poultry farms. As a teenager, he bought his own herd of cows, leased a neighbor’s poultry farm to raise chickens himself, and worked for a neighbor on his cattle and poultry farm. He has continued farming the land his father and grandfather did, but after purchasing the farm from his dad, he began to implement regenerative practices to rebuild soil quality, provide a low-stress environment for our livestock, and make the most of the resources on the farm. Nathan has also been a Pastor for 20+ years. Because our family’s first priority is the ministry, sheep came to our farm as a way to observe their behavior and relationship to the shepherd. Those observations and behaviors grew into a love for these animals.


Tina Nix

Although Tina didn't grow up farming, she caught Nathan's vision and started 5N Pastures. She began her career as a public school teacher, and helped Nathan on the farm in the evenings and weekends. She left her teaching job when the kids came along to be a full-time wife, mom, and homeschool teacher. This allowed her to become active in the daily farming responsibilities and for her and Nathan to raise their family together. Becoming involved in local and state-wide agricultural opportunities and advocating for Ag Education in their local schools, Tina saw the need to support local family farms. It also made her more conscientious of the food her family consumed. Growing most of their own food, she wanted to share the same opportunity with others, to know where their food was coming from. This is how 5N Pastures began. 


The Nix Kids


Cassidy is the first of the Nix children. She received her degree in AgBusiness and attends Mercer University for Business and Marketing.  She helps us work to achieve the best practices in pasture management and livestock production. She is always coming up with new ideas for the farm. She has a great love for all animals, but horses are her passion. She amazes us daily with her strengths and abilities.

Caleb is the second child and only son. He has received his degree in Ag Business as well. He works full time on the farm. He makes all of our custom feed, raises our pullets (young hens), makes deliveries, and much more. Caleb plays the guitar, hunts and fishes every chance he gets, and keeps himself busy doing something all the time. 

Layla is the 3rd and final Nix child. She is still in high school. She is always on call, and is always willing to help! Layla helps with the care of our bottle lambs when we have them and works part time helping package eggs. She is the most artistic and creative and is very helpful with social media. She is the most compassionate and kind teenager we know!

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