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Beef Bundle - Large
  • Beef Bundle - Large

    You'll get to enjoy even more delicious beef with our large box.  Pasture-raised, healthy, natural cuts of beef will be sure to be a family favorite!

    *No antibiotics

    *No hormones

    *All natural, ethically grown, and pasture-raised


    Each box contains (approximate weights):

    10 lbs ground beef

    4 Premium steaks (NY Strip or Ribeye, or 2 of each)

    1 Roast

    2 lbs stew beef

    1 lb cube steak


    *Assortment may vary due to availability.

    Beef Bundle - Large

    • 5N Pastures beef is raised on pasture and finished on pasture with minimal grain supplemented to add marbling and flavor.  As always, our proteins never have any added hormones or antibiotics. Vacuum sealed for freshness.

      5N beef is harvested at 2 years of age or younger, creating more tender and flavorful cuts.

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