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Chicken Necks
  • Pasture Raised Chicken Necks

    The key to a great soup or stew is a good broth. Chicken necks can provide a tasty broth base for your dish. Necks are also a popular item for making collagen rich bone broth and make tasty baked dog treats!


    8 per package - Skinless - Package weight ranges from .85 lbs to 1 lb each.


    Chicken Necks

    • 5N Pastures chicken begins right on the farm in our hatchery. We hatch our own chicks and raise on pasture to provide you with tender, juicy, flavorful cuts.

      We never add any hormones or treat with antibiotics. Rotated often on pasture, they free-range on natural food sources and daily feed.

      Straight from our gate to your plate!

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