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Chicken Wings
  • Pasture Raised Chicken Wings

    - 12 cut wings per pack

    - Contains both flat and drums.


    Chicken Wings

    • 5N Pastures chicken begins right on the farm in our hatchery. We hatch our own chicks and raise on pasture to provide you with tender, juicy, flavorful cuts.

      We never add any hormones or treat with antibiotics. Rotated often on pasture, they free-range on natural food sources and daily feed.

      Straight from our gate to your plate!

      Keep in mind, pasture raised chicken grown without hormones and antibiotics makes for a smaller chicken at harvest time. Conventionally grown chicken from the grocery store is grown to be much larger during the same time period. These wings will not be as large as the wings you receive at your local restaurant or grocery store because the chicken is grown more naturally, providing for slower growth and a healthier chicken.

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